Well, I recently attended a wedding in Indianapolis and they had a cool snap – in August no less. It was wonderful walking outside with very low humidity and the temperature in the low 60’s. Even for them it was short lived but it made this Florida girl realize that Fall truly is just around the corner.

And what does that mean? Hate to say it but we are only 4 short months from 2016!! I know, hard to believe. Hopefully, like me, it will kick-start you into your fall push for end of the year business and of course planting those seeds for new business in 2016.

Everyone has their tried and true concepts of what works for them. And I do too. But I am always trying something new. Yes, I am old school in the sense that I still like to go and visit my clients on a regular basis. I probably still don’t do it often enough but I think it’s more than most these days. And we always have a leave-behind item from bags to pens to hand sanitizer and more.

And this fall (not holiday season) we decided it was time to thank our clients and intrigue some new business with something bigger. So, we’ve created a “gift package” that we will be sending to some of our prospects and stopping by to give to some of our clients that we want to thank or have them remember us a little more often.

It truly is a gift. It’s comes in a very impressive box (logo’d of course) and includes a great journal with pen and a Bluetooth speaker (all logo’d, including the foam insert). Our goal is to show everyone that we value our business relationship (and potential relationships).

In this day and age of so much electronic communications and short messages (twitter, pinterest, Instagram) I believe that many will appreciate the gesture of a written note of thanks with a gift far more than a shout-out on social media.

Wouldn’t you?


Did You Know:

If you really want to be perceived as an exceptional, forward thinking company, get a jump on your holiday gift giving. After all, Thanksgiving is a more appropriate time to express your thanks to clients, employees, prospects and anyone else you want to impress.


Blossom Pen/Highlighter

Plastic slide action pen with highlighter and a soft capacitive stylus. 1-color imprint.

250 Qty: $1.65 each

Carabiner Light 

3 white LED lights. Use as flashlight or lantern. Carabiner hanging function. 1-color imprint

300 Qty: $1.85 each

Cinch Bag

Cinch bag with front pocket with velcro closure. Made of non-woven polypropylene. 1-color imprint.

200 Qty: $2.29 each

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