It’s hard for me to believe that this month is my 24th anniversary in business. I have gone through all the natural ups and downs but have always had a great time creating promotional programs for my clients.

One area that has always excited me was creating custom promotional products for my client’s special programs. I’ve created unique frames (from colorful resin frames to very detailed pewter frames), plastic injected molded key tags (an exact replica of binoculars for one client), a flying tea cup for Virgin Atlantic Airlines, a wide variety of tote bags, backpacks and duffels, custom shaped stress relievers or one of my recent favorites, a Rubix-cube style USB – and there are so many more.

It’s my opportunity to use that creative side of my brain. And, while my manufacturers sometimes complain (Danette, can’t you create something typical for once – NO), my clients get to stand out with their target audience that much more.

And yes, we take existing promotional products and make them stand out for our clients as well. Can you envision a cruise ship coming at you in dramatic color (with an epoxy dome) on the cover of a power bank? What about wireless earbuds with the school mascot on them?

Just because you don’t have the budget or timing necessary for custom designed promotional items doesn’t mean you have to settle. Technology has really improved the decorating processes on many different types of promotional products, so now I can be more creative there too!

Being in business for so long has truly been a blessing. Thank you to all my clients (Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau a big thanks for being my first client and still a client today!!) who have been with me for so long and have always treated me as a valued partner and friend (not a vendor).

While I may not be in business another 24 years – I do expect to be around for a long time to come and can’t wait to develop my next creative custom product.


Did You Know:

Whether you need to focus your team on activities and pipeline building or manage transactional sales, you can use the Olympic events to create exciting and motivating results.


Mirror LED Selfie Light

Mirrored LED light clips to smart phone to enhance photography.  1 color 1 location imprint. 

100 Qty: $3.60 each

15″ Computer RuckSack

Large open main compartment with padded computer pocket that can hold up to a 15″ laptop.  1 color 1 location imprint.

50 Qty: $10.10 each

Virtual Reality Headset

Adjustable padded headset holds 4-6.5″ phones. 1 color 1 location imprint.

100 Qty: $10.40 each

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