I saw a quote recently, not sure who it’s attributed to but it was “You can’t buy back time”. So true in business and in life.

I just returned from vacation. It was the longest time I have taken in over 20 years. I was gone for 16 days.  Yes, I was concerned about being gone so long and afraid for what I would return to.

At first my plan was to check my emails once in a while, but the day before I left a virus was discovered on my computer. It was a bad one. My IT guy said it was one of those that if not caught “they” would have locked my computer and ransomed it back to me. Not good.

So, I checked emails most every day and some would say that’s not a vacation, but for me it gave me peace of mind that all was good. And I have to say, after I checked emails I didn’t think about work again until the next time I checked.

We all hear the talk about work/life balance and how it’s a constant struggle for some people. And I admit it can be a struggle for me as well. Being an entrepreneur with two businesses there is always something workwise I can be doing. But we are all working to live (right?) not the other way around. I know I had lost sight of that a bit, but I want to enjoy my friends, family and even myself more. And again, you can’t buy back time.

And this vacation showed me that I can indeed turn off my business brain. So I am trying to maintain that since I got back. Granted, just last night I awoke in the middle of the night thinking about a project, but overall, I do believe my vacation helped me to cut that cord a bit more.

We really can’t buy back time, because once it’s gone it’s gone. So, this summer if you are able, I recommend you try the same. Use your time off. Get away, if only for a few days. Use that precious time to recharge those personal batteries.

I think you’ll find you are so much more productive by doing so. I certainly think I am.



Did You Know:

In the business world, expressing appreciation to employees, colleagues, clients, prospective clients, or those you are in partnership with such as suppliers or vendors, goes a long way in developing confidence, respect and ultimately loyalty.


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