I hope your spring has been a good one so far and you are seeing your business grow. As I think everyone is aware, technology is the hottest ticket out there right now and even if you aren’t in the tech business your business should be positioning itself as tech savvy.

I admit that at first when social media started I didn’t want to get involved. Twitter a message with only 140 characters – what was that all about? Post an 8 second video – why? But over the past several years, I have embraced all the new technology and enjoy figuring out what’s best for my business. I now have over 6000 Twitter followers and watching the streams during the day helps me keep up with what’s trending.

I also want my clients to understand that we are always looking for the newest tech items to help showcase their business.  If you want to be seen as a forward-thinking business you need to be forward-thinking in the gifts you may be giving out to promote your business.

Right now one of the hottest items is a virtual reality headset. There are many apps available now that you can download on your phone and with the VR headset you can actually recreate the experience in 3D. Think about a tour of your factory or showing how a product is made. Or, as one of our clients just did, they created an app of a new ship they are introducing so you can take a tour without being there! We are providing them with more than 50 VR headsets that they are going to be using at trade shows to give attendees the ship experience.

It not only is a great way to showcase the highlights of the ship but it also gets people more involved.  By becoming more involved in the experience I would be willing to bet they will get more sales. It’s one thing to be flipping through a brochure or scrolling through a website but when you can actually see how the spa might be or the new pool area is in 3D it definitely has a bigger impact.

Granted, not everyone can create an app, but you can still show how tech savvy you are with the newest Bluetooth speakers, power bank chargers or Bluetooth headsets and earbuds.

Don’t get left behind and have your clients and prospects think you aren’t “plugged in” and let us help you wow them the next time you meet.


Did You Know:

With all the traditional patriotic holidays and fun events that take place during the summer months, now’s the perfect time to plan for summer promos that really swing.


Albert Gel Pen 

High precision semi-gel ballpoint pen w/rubberized grip 1 color 1 location imprint. 

500 Qty: $0.70 each

First Aid Kit in Sleeve

Includes 2 antiseptic wipes, 2 small band-aids, & 4 large band-aids. Outside of envelope full color imprint.

500 Qty: $1.40 each

Microfiber Tablet Bag

Full color microfiber drawstring tablet bag. Full color imprint 1 side.

250 Qty: $4.60 each

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