I am so very fortunate that this month my parents are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. We’re off on a weeklong trip to celebrate this great occasion as a family. As I’ve mentioned this to clients and friends that I will be gone I’m touched by how everyone has reacted.

There was a time in our crazy busy lives that there was nothing more important than WORK. You asked for time off and you might have gotten it, but very begrudgingly. Luckily that seems to be changing and more and more people are saying,” good for you, family time is very important.”

I do believe that and also encourage my team to make sure they are having a life. When I first started in business it was a time when working a minimum 10 hour day was not just needed it was expected. One of my first bosses would say to me if I left before him at 8:00pm – “what, half day?” If I brought up - having a life – he would just say - that was for later.

While I admit that I have to remind myself at times to leave the office (as a business owner there is always something to do), I do not expect my team to be here nights and weekends. I am so happy that they have time at the end of the day and weekends to be able to enjoy what they want to do.

Yes, I am lucky that my parents are still with me and still together, happily, after 60 years. And, that I recognize how important it is to be with them.

All business and no play makes all of us very dull people. Remember to get out there and enjoy life, it’s the only one we get to have!


Did you Know: As business owners and heads of corporations, we have the opportunity to make the preservation of our earth’s beauty and bounty part of our corporate mission statements. We can insist on using only recycled papers and inks for printed materials. We can establish recycling throughout out places of business. We can initiate internal programs and campaigns to heighten awareness and participation in reducing, reusing and recycling.


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