As I’ve mentioned many times before, I am a very active member in the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Yes, I do enjoy the interaction and giving back to the community but of course my primary reason for membership is to grow my business. And last night I had many opportunities to do just that.

One of my areas of responsibility for the Chamber is the South Florida Good to Great Awards and last night we held the Finalists Reception at BankUnited. There were well over 75 people in attendance and as the evening wore down (at 8pm) there were still a good thirty people in the room. Why? They were making connections.

We had the 12 “Great” Finalist companies there, along with the “Great” sponsor companies and some of the members of the Executive Committee of the Chamber and I have to say, I expect to hear that some major business connections were made.

We had companies with as few as 25 employees to those companies that have thousands of employees – one company literally has a presence in 39 countries! We had encouraged everyone to network during the reception and they definitely took it to heart. This was a great opportunity to meet companies from so many different industries and sizes that I would bet that there was a prospect in the room for everyone.

Taking advantage of these opportunities when times are good and when they are bad can really be advantageous to your business when done right. I met several new companies last night and have already followed up with a note saying “nice to meet you.” I also had a great opportunity to interact with 3 companies that I was already working to get their business. We didn’t talk about business but we did have a brief conversation and they got to see me in action at the podium. So, in my mind a win-win situation of exposure.

I do admit that sometimes I go to networking events because I feel I have to and then I just ‘schmooze’ with my friends. Not a good use of my time obviously. So I’ve established a new goal for myself that when I go to networking events I need to actually network. Meet some new people – they don’t all have to be direct prospects because you never know who they know, they could be best friends with a key prospect for you.

So next time that networking invitation crosses my desk I think I will accept with a renewed passion to interact and engage new people.

Hope to see you at the next event!!


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