Hopefully April flowers are starting to bloom, but as I write this I’ve heard it’s snowing again in the Northeast – but it’s April! How can that be?

Being in South Florida the bad weather up north has been great for the travel & tourism business here. Record occupancies and rates! Hopefully it will translate to more business for everyone.

April starts off with a bang with April Fool’s Day. Maybe it will set a trend for us not to take life so seriously this month. Celebrate a little more. It’s not really a business holiday, but one that everyone knows about.

But there are holidays this month that your business could leverage. For instance, it’s National Poetry Month. You may think, what can I do with that? Well, The Betsy South Beach Hotel is a great example of taking an event and making it their own. They are known as a “writers” hotel. They actual have a writer’s room that writers can have to finish their works. And this month they have almost nightly poetry readings. It’s proven to be a great way to bring new visitors and publicity to their beautiful beach front property.

Now some more commonly recognized events this month include “Take your Child to Work Days” (we’ve done quite a number of “kids” style programs already for this event including coloring books, mini-notebooks and mini-first aid kits). In addition many companies like to take the opportunity to recognize staff during Medical Labs Week and Administrative Assistants Week. So many opportunities to remind your employees that you appreciate all that they do this month!

And one event that each company could take advantage of comes on April 22. Earth Day. The day’s aim is to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s environment. So why not celebrate by providing an Eco-type promotion for your business. There are so many items made from recycled materials today: backpacks, grocery totes, pens, notebooks, bamboo items like frames and desktop organizers to name a few. Or you can encourage your employees to be more eco-friendly by providing them with an item they can use time and time again so as to not be impacting the environment so much – like lunch totes, water bottles and coffee tumblers.

I do hope that we all are utilizing some of these items all year round. While Earth Day is just one day I think we can all agree that we need to be more aware of all that is happening to our environment. Granted, the debate is still out, but what is really causing all our wacky weather?

Let us know how we can help you!


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