Well, the year has definitely gotten off to a fast start. Everyone I speak to is amazed that January has passed and we are well into February.

One of my goals this year is to stay more in touch, in person with my clients. In this age of email and social media communication, I know that many may feel that the personal interaction is not as important as it once was.

Granted, it is easy to just whip off an email response. However, the old adage, “people like to do business with people they know and trust” I think is best served face to face. It’s one of the reasons that I am concentrating more on getting out to visit everyone this year. I realized that I too had become too comfortable behind my desk!

And it’s not like it’s a chore. I happen to like our clients, personally. Years ago I made a conscious effort to only work with people I liked and respected. I know, it’s hard to manage at times, but I did “divorce” a few clients that were just too abusive to my team. The aggravation wasn’t worth the revenue they brought to the business.

I enjoy finding out more about my clients. It helps me to better understand their style and expectations so I can recommend more appropriate products and programs. I’ve started off well towards my goal and am averaging 2 meetings a week with existing clients (mostly lunches so I have to be careful with my waistline!). Add that to the new business meetings and networking opportunities and I am now “out” more than I am in. The way it should be.

And when I go to see clients and prospects I always bring along a leave behind gift. Thanking them for their time. I have a wide range of products with our logo on them (I am in the business as well as believe in the business) that we leave with them to enjoy. My favorite is a power bank now. I’ve realized you can’t have enough power banks. With all of our electronics you always have something that needs to be charged!!

What are you doing this year to stay engaged with your clients? I’d love to know.


Did You Know:

The promotional power February packs is due to the fact that it brings awareness to a number of causes that are dear to millions. There’s something for everyone in this mini-month.


Mini Jute Tote

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