Some of you have reminded me that’s it’s been a while since you’ve had a newsletter from me. My apologies. No real good excuse other than we’ve been very busy re-working our communications. One of which is this newsletter. I promise you will be seeing it on a more regular basis.

Another is our website – please check out the new and improved You can search our databases or just review some of our custom projects. Take a look, I’d really love to hear your thoughts and comments about the new look.

Also, as many of you know, I recently co-authored the book “Transform” with Brian Tracy. It was released in September and we made the Amazon best-seller list in two categories. Very exciting. If you go to the website you can download my chapter!

And of course, if you haven’t checked out my newest venture, you need to. It is packed full of information about sales promotions from contests and sweepstakes to incentive and loyalty programs and more. It’s exciting how far it’s come since we launched in early April.

How did all this happen this year? Well, I was in a meeting earlier this summer with my advisory board and on my to do list once again was a communications revision. I will admit, I kept putting it off. Well, my board had had enough of my procrastination and called me to task. A big shout out to them. Thank you for holding me accountable!

What about you? When was the last time you updated your website? Do you have blog? Are you writing an article once or week, once a month? What about your business cards? All of these communications make an impact on the impression you have on your clients or prospects. So maybe it’s time to take a step back and realize you might need to update your message. And now is the perfect time. Why not start out the New Year refreshed!

More soon!

Special Offers

Fun and Games for Business Networking Marketing Events

Why do you go to business networking events? Everyone has different reasons for attending these types of casual proceedings. Entrepreneurs are looking for prospective new clients, as are lawyers, chiropractors, sales representatives, ad infinitum. Some people like to attend a local Chamber of Commerce networking event when they want to grow their prospect field and when they are new to the area and are looking to find out “who’s who.”

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Business Networking Events Are About Meeting People and Building Relationships

Sometimes it pays to return to the basics. So let’s pay a little visit to business networking 101. If you’ve been attending these events so frequently that you’ve become a bit bored or jaded and only spend time with people you know or if you are a complete novice, hopefully you will find something of value here.

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Danette Gossett Promotes Bringing Game Mentality to Business Network Marketing Events

Danette Gossett, Founder of Gossett Marketing Communications, Inc., Co-Founder of Promotions Resource, LLC, and co-author of the best-selling book, Transform, recently posted a new blog on her website. The blog entitled, “Business Networking Marketing Fun and Games” suggests an imaginative way to help those who do not have a natural talent for mingling at business networking events.

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