Happy Holidays!!

I hope you are all ready for the holidays (I’m getting there, but not quite there yet). Everyone I have spoken to seems to be behind in their holiday chores this year, partially due to our late Thanksgiving Holiday. Our office actually decorated our little tree the day before Thanksgiving which got us all the in the mood. Plus the team really likes holiday music and has been playing it since mid-November and I have to admit, I’m not tired of it yet.

Last year we were under construction (and closed for 10 days) during the holiday and didn’t decorate at all. While we cleaned out quite a bit before the construction we constantly accumulate samples so over the holidays we are going to spend some time going through the closets and getting our digital files more organized. We have art files for all our clients and I’ve realized we really haven’t cleaned them out in years – I just noticed we have some files from the 90’s for some clients and I know they are no longer used. What about you? Is it time to clean out a bit?

We are also going to spend some time discussing our team goals for 2016. What does everyone want to accomplish next year? Are there any educational opportunities they want to attend? Any new organizations we should try? Any new software or equipment we need to explore?

We are also going to pick a couple of organizations that we want to volunteer our time with as a team. In South Florida there is an organization that is going to pack 5 million meals to feed 15,000 children (Feed my Starving Children. The organization is looking for 30,000 volunteers at the end of January and I think it will be a great opportunity for us to give back as a team. So, if they agree (I hope they do) we will be volunteering one afternoon packing meals.

I know a lot of organizations that encourage team volunteer participation and I hate to admit that I’ve never really discussed it with my team. But as many of you know, I had some personnel changes this year and decided it was a good time to start. How about you and your team?

I hope you have a fantastic Holiday and a very Happy New Year and I look forward to greeting you again in 2016!


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