When Considering Uniform Apparel For The First Time

If your company doesn’t already have a uniform dress program, chances are you are in an industry that may not scream for one.

There are plenty of those. For instance, the only uniform a lawyer might wear is a fancy suit or designer dress.

Certain professions pride themselves on their creativity and their employees can dress however they desire. But, let’s say for a moment that you have an advertising agency or design firm. Your employees may resist wearing a uniform. But think of the mileage you could potentially get out of having a uniform program.

When your employees go out for lunch or to grab a cup of the trendiest coffee or juice from the fresh juice shop, you never know who’ll be there. It could be a potential new client. You’ll want to check out a recent article I wrote that gives some compelling research on the advertising power of uniforms (click here to read Stylishly Build Your Team And Your Brand)

A uniform policy may take some getting used to in a company not typically associated with uniforms. But when employees become aware of the benefits, the transition will be easier.

Also, keep in mind that a uniform way of dressing doesn’t mean a polo or t-shirt. In fact, if you are in a creative industry, you can virtually create your own uniform. And every item doesn’t have to be uniform either. We are happy to show you all the amazing choices available to get some ideas rolling.

Your employees are likely to end up thanking you for instituting uniform apparel since they won’t have to think about what to wear to work anymore. And, they’ll probably save money on buying clothes for work, which means they’ll have more to spend on going out clothes, travel, theater, concerts and all the other exciting things they love to do.


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