We Help Your Team Achieve The Sweet Spot In Trade Show And Team-Building Attire

Just as critical to trade show success as a stunning, well-designed trade show exhibit is a well and appropriately dressed booth staff. This is no time for your representatives to express their individual style and personality! It’s very likely that trade show apparel is not the first thing you think about when planning for that event, especially if this is your first venture. However, it is one of the most important aspects of attracting prospects and representing you company well.

In fact, any event, whether it’s a company sports or team-building event, trade show or conference, more interest and excitement is created when your team has a pulled-together branded look. Everyone likes to feel they are on a great team.

No matter the culture and personality of your company, as the most seasoned event participants know, attire is a key aspect of event marketing presentation. And it’s important to balance style and personality with practical and comfortable clothing. Wearing branded uniforms or outfits with a common theme can help create stronger brand identity and will give your staff the look of a cohesive team.

Event and trade show attire has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Eco sensitivity is driving much of the innovation just as inspired imagination is driving the glorious new methods for adding color, images, logos and other unique styles. From C-Free (Carbon-free) styles made with methods that leave the smallest possible footprint on our planet, to decorative options that take your brand to exciting new heights, there have never been so many creative and tasteful ways to express your brand’s personality.

Whether you are preparing for your first trade show or conference or your fiftieth, whether you want an exciting new look for your returning employees, bear in mind that going overboard with branded apparel can come off as tasteless, while going too subtle could make you invisible. There’s a perfect balance that hits a sweet spot. You’ll know you’ve found it when your team is excited about their new look.

With more employees returning to the office – even if for a couple of days each week – and the fall trade show season coming up around the next corner, let us help make your team the star of every event. We like being “the dresser” for our clients! Give us a call.

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