This Is The Year To Master The Art Of Gift Giving

If ever there was a need to be truly artful in gift giving, this is the year for it. This holiday season, a thoughtful and thoughtfully presented gift will likely be remembered more than ever because the challenges this year has presented to everyone will not soon be forgotten.

This year has been nothing short of tragic. And, it’s not over yet, nor are the repercussions, many of which we have yet to see, feel, and experience. However, it is in the face of the most difficult challenges that our ability to inspire, appreciate, motivate, and help others comes to the foreground.

Your customers, clients and employees really do need to be remembered more than ever this year. This year a gift is so much more. The message your gift delivers can be one of strength, hope, resilience, fortitude and hopefully an underlying sense of humor. Your gifts really need to let the recipient know that you know who they are and what they are going through on a personal level.

To Give Or Not To Give Should Not Even Be A Question

And, if you are considering not giving a gift this year, here are reasons why you may want to reconsider that idea. Gift giving is the standard practice among the best organizations.  A gift given this year will serve to:

-Reinforce your organization’s objectives
– Engage employees
– Show appreciation
– Retain good employees
– Build Goodwill

What To Give What Not To Give

In terms of what to give and what not to give, please don’t give cash or a gift card. Both tell a story that isn’t one that should be told. According to, many people don’t even use their gift cards. Every year up to $3 billion worth of gift cards go unused. Who gets the unspent money? The retailer or bank. So, just don’t do it. It might be easy, but a gift card is not going to do one positive thing for your image.

Food Glorious Food

Food gifts, especially interesting foods that are personalized based on the recipients interests and tastes are very popular. Also gourmet kitchen items are very popular. In fact, typically 50% of business holiday gifts are food. If you know a client, prospect or employee has become passionate about baking during the COVID-19 quarantine, you can send a gift that lets him or her know you are aware of this new hobby.

A Gift Is A Gift Is A Gift Freely Given

A gift should be just that— a gift. Something memorable that the employee or customer will enjoy for years and for which you’ll be remembered every time that gift is used. Remember that gifts can be branded or not, they can be gender neutral in nature. In addition, gifts are available in a wide range of price points to fit most any budget.

Remember, even the smallest, yet thoughtful token of thanks this year can go a long way to improving the morale and productivity of employees. Your employees have helped you keep your business running during these challenging times. So, please, by all means put some time and thought into how you can gift them. If you would like some help choosing an appropriate thoughtful gift for your clients and employees, give me a call. I am so grateful to all of our clients who still seek out our services and for the amazing job my team continues to do.

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