There’s Plenty of Madness Left to Be Had This Spring


Spring is starting to tease us with its wild weather and temperature swings.  It seems appropriate for the time of year when taxes are due and exciting college basketball championship games take center stage. It’s enough to make even the most balanced of us a little mad! That’s what Spring is all about. And there’s still plenty of time to get in on the madness.

Is your college basketball team triumphing or does it need a little encouragement? Is your corporate sales team soaring or slumping? Are you getting ready to launch a new program, product or division? Looking for a little inspiration as to how you might participate? I did a little research and found a few ideas on the Business2Community (B2C) website worth sharing.

March Madness Promotion Ideas

Basketball promotions may already be in full swing. If not, here’s how you could initiate a parallel bracket for your sales team.

Pre-tournament activity determines seeding (could be prospecting activity, number of presentations or demos, opportunities or appointments generated, etc.). Then you play a “game” between reps based on the seedings every 1-2 days throughout the rest of March and into the April finals . Consider modifying the typical single-elimination format so that those who lose quickly still play against each other to keep them motivated and focused on activity and output.

Pop-a-Shot on the sales floor!

Basketball Hoop Pop-a-Shot game

Basketball Hoop Pop-a-Shot game

Rent one of those mini-basketball games for a few weeks, and have reps compete either during the morning sales briefing or throughout the day for prizes. For example, every opportunity generated or appointment set gives them 15 seconds to score as many baskets as possible. The more baskets they score, the more tickets towards a big prize drawing or more instant cash. You could also have non-sales executives compete in front of the team to see who gets the most baskets. Could have reps “bet” (without money, just with their vote) on who will get the most baskets. If they win, they get an extra point or two on commissions for closed deals or appointments set that day.

Spring Training

Turn your sales floor into a virtual fantasy baseball game. Points for activities, presentations, new opportunities and closed sales. Assign team colors, mascots. If you want, treat it like a World Baseball Classic-style tournament (perhaps representing the neighborhoods in which your sales reps live instead of countries).

Spring Break Escape

16 oz. Freezer Gel Insulated Travel Tumbler

16 oz. Freezer Gel Insulated Travel Tumbler

Have reps or teams compete for a long weekend somewhere sunny, or create a “virtual spring break” in the office (perhaps in a conference room) for contest “winners” to enjoy on a Friday afternoon. Go crazy – bring in a tanning bed, a masseuse, play Hawaiian music, have some Mai Tais (real or not).

No matter where your ideas come from, you can participate in March Madness year round and give it your all with some colorful and creative gear that’s sure to inspire stick-to-itiveness and gusto all the way.

At Gossett Marketing we have everything you need to cheer your team to victory. We can personalize your gear by imprinting with your logo, team or division name. We’ve got your banners and big foam fingers, T-shirts and caps, bam-bams and rally towels. Give us a call. We always give you our all!


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