Thanks For Giving…

Time For Thanks

This is the time of year when businesses around the country extend an official “thank you” to clients, employees and vendors. All of these people give so much of themselves to a business. Without employees, our businesses would be non-existent. Same goes for clients, vendors, and even our prospects.

Employees give so much of their time and talents throughout the year.

They often work late into the evening. They come in on weekends when asked to do so. Even though you express your thanks regularly, there is nothing like putting a little more thought into a special expression of thanks during the holiday season to make employees feel valued and motivated. This is especially true during good economic times when employees don’t feel like they have to stick around in a job where they are not truly appreciated.

Clients give you their business.

They trust you time and time again to deliver whatever product or service you offer. Vendors also give you their best whether it’s keeping the staff kitchen supplied or whether you have an impossible deadline and your vendors help you meet it by going above and beyond the call of duty.

Everyone involved in your business gives to you all year.

Everyone likes to feel as if their giving matters to you. Most people take a moment during the traditional Thanksgiving meal to tell their family and friends something they are thankful for. Why not turn the tables and make this Thanksgiving the time to thank your employees, vendors and clients for all they give to you and your business? And, you can do that in so many wonderful ways. If you would like some novel ideas, we’ve got plenty to give.

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