Spring And Summer Promotional Marketing Prep

We’re all patiently awaiting the end of winter.

If you live above the Mason-Dixon line and enjoy gardening, you know that you have to plant seeds indoors in order to have a successful garden once the weather warms up. Well, the same is true for successful spring and summer promotions. You have to plan and take pre-emptive measures now.

It’s kind of like getting the latest seed catalog and poring over all the exciting things there are to grow. With so many options in promotional marketing, you’ll have decisions to make. For instance, which ones are most appropriate for your brand, where you do business and, which ones will be most appealing to your clients and prospects?

Get Ready For March Madness The First Spring Promotional Opportunity

You can practically feel the excitement bubbling in anticipation of this month-long college basketball competition. I know it has nothing to do with gardening, but it is the most exciting event that comes just before all the other natural events spring and summer bring. And, it’s a great way to connect with your clients and prospects with a few fun marketing promotions. You could send a basketball clapper to help you make some noise for your favorite teams. Squishy basketball stress balls might be a fun idea. Or how about a basketball beer opener? All items can have your logo imprinted as a reminder to your clients and prospects of what a good sport you are.

Earth Day Is Just Around The Corner

You’ll definitely want to do some planning for Earth Day. This is a great time to plant seeds with your clients, employees, vendors and prospects. And with a multitude of earth-centric promotional items to choose from, you’ll want to start planning right away. There are seed packets, desk top gardens, gardening tool kits and more. These can be given to clients whose sales could be re-invigorated, prospects with whom you’d like to nurture and grow your relationship. Of course, all items would arrive with your logo.

Let Them Know Doing Business With You Is A Picnic

Imagine the delight someone would experience receiving the perfect picnic blanket! Spring fever strikes and they’ll be ready to head to the nearest park, spread out their blanket with their laptop or their sweetheart or both! Either way, you can let your clients know that doing business with them has been a real picnic and you hope the sentiment is one they share.

A Spring Promotion Item That Lets You Measure Success

We humans love to measure things. A handy dandy rain gauge with your logo on it is a fun spring marketing promotional item. With spring showers on the way, you’ll want to make sure your recipients have time to find the best spot for measuring the rainfall. It will also be a great reason to get in touch for a follow-up.

For Those Not Into Gardening

Not everyone is a gardener. But everyone likes to keep dry when those spring showers come. An umbrella comes in handy and is always welcome. In fact most people keep more than one in the office or in the car. We even have the great new inversion umbrellas that won’t get you soaked when closing.

Spring is the best time to prepare the ground for growth throughout the summer and lets you look forward to a great harvest. If you need help coming up with Spring promotions, we’d love to help. We kind of have a knack for helping our clients generate growth.

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