Sometimes Ideas Are Like Popcorn

You know how it takes a while for popcorn kernels to heat up and start popping? Well, if you remember how we used to make popcorn, you’ll probably remember that it feels like those darn kernels are never going to pop. Then you hear one pop, then a second or two later another one. Then they just start popping like crazy. That’s pretty much how ideas seem to come about sometimes too. Slowly at first and then they’re unstoppable.

During the early weeks of the pandemic I kept wondering how I could help my clients and prospects generate interest and revenue in new ways. For a long while, nothing seemed to be happening. But then…pop! Literally, the idea of pop-up restaurants came to mind. I thought it might be a good idea to try a few online pop-up events for some of my clients.

I tried the idea out for my shop first, and it was a big success. Then I introduced it to a couple of clients. I had an online pop-up fundraiser for one client. It was so successful they want to do it again. I created a pop-up retail shop during a very limited time frame for another client. That event was also successful. And now, the pop-up ideas are unstoppable! I’m excited to try them out for various holidays and new product launches.

If you’d like to find out if a pop-up event could be successful for your business, give me a call. The ideas are popping. And just like popcorn, you want to get it while it’s hot!

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