Show Your Thanks By Giving at Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-482977_640If you really want to be perceived as an exceptional, forward thinking company, get a jump on your holiday gift giving. After all, Thanksgiving is a more appropriate time to express your thanks to clients, employees, prospects and anyone else you want to impress. Your gift, coming at an off time will catch people off-guard and stand out in the memory of those you give to more than those that are received amid a flurry of gifts at the end of the year.

Think about sharing food. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Think about the individuals and groups you are giving to as well. There are so many deliciously fun  food items that individuals and groups love receiving this time of year. From fine chocolates to popular popcorn filled tins, gourmet cookies to locally sourced or International goodie baskets, there’s something to please everyone. For something more personal you might consider giving nice journals, pen sets, power banks, speakers, gift sets of business accessories and more. Of course, here at Gossett Marketing we have an abundance of choices that can be imprinted with your logo.

Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket

Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket

Decide that your company will be the one that kicks off the holiday season with gift giving at Thanksgiving. Send your holiday cards at the same time too. And remember, a real greeting card is far more memorable than an e-card no matter how acceptable it may be to send electronic greetings.

August is a great time to start planning ahead so you’ll be certain of getting what you want when you want it. Also keep in mind that factories get busier as the holidays get closer and production times increase. Planning ahead, like giving ahead is a great feeling. It’s kind of like surfing where it is said that the greatest ride and thus the greatest thrill always comes from being slightly ahead of the curve!


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