Pump Up Your Team and Your ROI With Branded Apparel

Besides a healthy corporate culture, few things make a team feel more cohesive than branded apparel.

And, few marketing methods ramp up ROI more than branded apparel. Sounds like a double whammy, a win-win, a no-brainer. Branded apparel needs to be at the top of your list for every event from the largest trade show to smallest community events.

With Trade Shows you’re running a million miles an hour trying to get your brochures, booths and promotional items done on time. Your first thought is always about what’s going to get visitors to stop at your booth. But, when you experience how branded apparel unifies otherwise scattered members of your organization and attracts attention, it will not be a forgotten item. It will appear at the top of your event to-do list.

There are multiple ways to pull a cohesive look together without everyone wearing the exact same style.

You can have your team wearing the same color in different styles. You could do polo shirts for the men, ¾ sleeve or long sleeve V-neck t-shirts for women – all embroidered with the same logo and/or a catchy phrase. To keep warm in a cool environment, you can have a cool fleece embroidered with your logo and theme line too.

For corporate runs and other tournaments, you can have a team T-shirt with catchy graphics and silkscreened logos. For your outside sales teams, we can have the collar of shirts woven with your logo or have the logo woven on the sleeve.

Very often you’ll probably hear your clients or prospects commenting on the T-shirts at your events. Don’t be surprised. Many of them would be thrilled to receive your branded shirts as gifts. That increases your exposure.

Branded apparel fosters camaraderie, creativity and cohesion. And considering the cost compared to other forms of advertising branded apparel can contribute significantly to an improved ROI.

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