Promotional Marketing Events are Heating Up!

summer-1226362_960_720Corporate walks and runs, picnics, outings, tennis, fishing and golf tournaments, sailing regattas and races, any outdoor activity you can name under the sun will most likely be the object of a summer promotion for companies large and small. So, the question is, how will your summer promotion stack up in the memories of your employees, prospects and clients?

Getting out ahead of your event with good promotional planning will set you up for summertime success no matter what type of event you plan to sponsor. From the patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day, the purely pleasurable weekends that call out the amateur athletes, grill champions and barbeque masters, Gossett Marketing can help you plan your event so that it will sizzle with excitement.

Don’t sweat over how to execute your events. Take a few moments to consider what type of events and what dates would help you make the most of the summer excitement. At Gossett Marketing we’ve been helping our clients create and execute successful promotional marketing events and providing promotional items that their employees, clients and prospects look forward to year after year.

Zippered Golf Gift Set

Zippered Golf Gift Set

There’s still time to kick the season off right on Memorial Day weekend. We have filtered water cups and shaker cups for athletic events and fancy cocktail shakers for a glam give away at a ritzy evening event.  A mid-summer Fourth of July promotion could be just the explosive spark your business needs to take it to the next level. Whether it’s a day at the pool or the beach or a night watching fireworks and celebrating under the stars, we can help make it stellar.

Teeing up for a golf tournament and need promotional gear? We’ve got what you need from Polos, umbrellas, divot fixers and Koozies all imprinted with your logo. You don’t have to fish around for appropriate promotional items for a fishing tournament either. We’ve got you covered hook, line and sinker! We can imprint your company logo on lures, fish bobbers, hook protectors, sports towels, coolers and more.

Family Snacker Picnic Basket

Family Snacker Picnic Basket

We can provide the promotional posters, banners, fliers, t-shirts, visors, caps, water bottles and other items that will make everyone involved feel like they’ve been part of something really cool– especially the event planner!

We thrive on the heat of summer. Let us take the heat off of you and put our talents to work for you. We also work with your marketing department to help create campaign themes and concepts.

So bring it on. Company picnics, team building outings, patriotic events, we’ll help you fan the flame of team spirit and promote business with a great promotional theme and well executed and coordinated items.  Stay cool and let us navigate the ins and outs of your promotional marketing materials. It’s what we do best.  So whether you can go all out or are on a tight budget, act now. Give us a call, because the summer will be here and gone before you know it.


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