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Photo Credit:Flickr/Andrés Nieto Porras

Photo Credit:Flickr/Andrés Nieto Porras

A recent trip to an annual promotional marketing summit exposed me to an idea worth sharing. It was a need that was visible everywhere I went, from the airport to the hotel and to the conference facility itself.

People everywhere were constantly searching for electric outlets for their mobile devices. All these people were standing huddled along walls trying to speak on the phone or work on their pads and laptop computers while plugged in. Maybe their devices had not been sufficiently charged. Maybe they’d been on a long conference call.
Whatever the reason, I did not have to join them. I was the power bank “queen” so to speak as I plugged my phone and my tablet into my personal power bank right at my seat having no reason to search for an electric outlet. A power bank is a portable charger that recharges your cell phones, computers and pads while you use them.

When I arrived at the hotel, my room wasn’t ready and I had a scheduled conference call. So, I sat by the pool, plugged into my power bank while I talked with no worries of running out of a charge. It was great!

Screenshot 2014-10-31 09.50.36Here’s the idea. These amazing power banks are becoming more and more popular as our mobile electronic needs increase. They come in all sizes of power, as well as in various shapes, sizes and colors. Best of all, they can be imprinted with your company logo. What a great way to advertise your brand and keep your sales teams, employees and clients powered up while they’re on the go!

Business travel is still the most viable way of sharing ideas and generating excitement. Imagine traveling with the power to communicate in a more civilized position, without sitting on the floor of airports, conference centers and hotels attached to an electric outlet. I promote power for those on the go!

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