Plan Ahead for a More Prosperous New Year

new-years-day-797206_640We are heading to the end of 2015 as fast as a horse heads to the stable at the end of the day. It’s the time of year just about everyone begins to think about changes they want to make in the year ahead and the opportunities that await both personally and in business.  

The traditional New Year’s Resolution created with vague language often leads to disaster before the end of the first month of the year. However, those resolutions created as real goals with a plan consisting of definitive action steps and deadlines can make the difference between a status quo New Year and a 2016 that is more prosperous.

Take a look at developing referral requests from within your existing client base as well as friends. Explore new and existing networking opportunities to take advantage of in the coming year. Make a plan to stick to a schedule of attending at least one or two new events each month. Look at the roster of upcoming trade shows in your industry as well as trade shows that may seem like a stretch. Decide which ones you’d like to attend, put them on the calendar and put the wheels in motion to attend as either an exhibitor or a visitor. If you plan to attend as an exhibitor, reach out to Gossett Marketing to help you explore creative ideas and costs for the items you’ll need to make a powerful impression.

Are there educational opportunities that could improve your standing in your industry? If so, set an educational goal for the year.

Take action. Write down your goals and your plan. The plan consists of attainable, clearly defined steps. Before you know it, you’ll be at the end of 2016 looking back and reminiscing about the plan you made that led you down a more profitable path!

Happy Holidays and here’s wishing you the most prosperous New Year ever!


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