We are coming into the last quarter of the year and the season of thanking our customers for their business and our employees for their hard work and loyalty.

We find that companies express their thanks in many different ways. Employees today want to be recognized year-round (and they should be) for a job well done. But having a special recognition to employees at this time of year is appreciated as well. We have a number of clients that host appreciation lunches in early December. Those employees that have gone above and beyond during the year receive additional recognition but all receive a thank you gift for their service.

I know that some companies like to just add a bonus to the paycheck at the end of year as recognition. However research has shown it’s really not the most effective way of showing appreciation. Many times employees will forget they got the bonus because they will spend it on paying bills and not something special. And if they don’t receive it the following year they are actually de-motivated. If you do want to provide “cash” we recommend providing it in the form of restaurant, department store or movie gift cards. That way, the employee is more apt to remember the gesture and be able to celebrate with something unexpected.

Thanking customers can also be tricky at times. We like to thank departments we work with by sending them a great food basket filled with treats they all can enjoy. We’ve also done freshly baked cookies and brownies delivered with cold milk. Always well received! We just want to let them know we appreciate them working with us.

However, not all of our clients are departments, many times it’s just an individual or two and a food basket isn’t necessarily the appropriate gift. In those cases we’ve done everything from a nice personalized pen (laser engraved with their name) to S’more kits.

We also like to send all our clients a holiday card. Holiday cards can be for Thanksgiving, December Holidays or the New Year. Some of our clients like to be the first sending out a Fall Holiday card while others want to ring in the New Year.

And yes, I still like a mailed card versus an email card. Many of the email cards get caught in the company’s firewall and are never seen by the intended recipient. While a mailed card is typically kept and displayed by the recipient. We are always looking for unique ones that will stay around throughout the holidays and beyond.

So, no matter how you like to say thank you, now is the time to start planning. Let us know if we can help.


Did You Know:

As we approach this coming holiday gift giving season to our clients, prospects, employees and vendors, I’m all for helping you achieve a 200% approval rating: 100% for the outside and 100% for what’s inside.


Silicone Phone Loop Stand

Adheres to the back of phone. Doubles as phone stand.

1 color 1 location imprint

250 Qty: $0.90 each

Dock Phone Clip   

Conveniently clips to multiple surfaces for ease of access. Computer, tablet, car, table, desk etc.

1 color 1 location imprint

200 Qty:  $1.65 each

Dry Bag with Window

Use touch screen device without having to remove device from bag. Floats if dropped in water. Roll-top closure.

1-color 1 location imprint

100 Qty: $4.50 each

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