On the news the other morning the anchors were discussing how September could be considered the new January where goals are concerned. Why? Because for many, September is the start of a new school year and a renewal for business after the summer doldrums and we can begin again!

I like the thought process. While most know that I am a planner and typically have a list going for just about everything, I still could use that push to achieve goals set previously in the year. We all have good intentions at the beginning of the year; lose weight; spend less, save more; spend more time with family are some of the top ones each year.

While I seem to always have those on my list, as a business owner, I also have other goals on my list: attend at least one networking event a week; have at least 2 new business meetings per week; meet with clients at least 3 times per week; in other words work on growing my business!

And it’s true, over the summer there are less opportunities for networking (many monthly events take a summer hiatus) and of course clients and prospects are on vacation making it more difficult to schedule those meetings.

So, September does actually seem like a great time to reinvigorate my goals of the year so that I finish strong.

I just pulled out my calendar and starting scheduling meetings again. Already have my networking event, one new business meeting and one client meeting scheduled for the short week after Labor Day. While it’s not achieving my business goals completely, it’s a start.

And sometimes, a start is all we need to get us moving again in the right direction. Earlier this summer, I started working out again. It had been a while (I had a bout of pneumonia that just zapped all my energy for a while) since I had been in a work-out routine. I tried to get back into the “normal” routine and realized it wasn’t working for me, so I found a new one. I started off just once a week, then twice a week and now, I just scheduled myself for three times next week. I’m energized about my new routine.
I am looking for that same excitement for my business routine. Just one each this week is just fine. I will probably search out some new networking opportunities and have started a new “target” list of business prospects and we’ve already begun thinking of some great promotional ideas to present to our clients. The energy is starting again.

What about you? Ready to rework your goals for a strong finish to the year? Want to share your tactics? Always looking for inspiration!


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