We all work differently. Some people like to have long to do lists every day, others have a few critical tasks they want to accomplish each day. Some people time block their day having specific tasks assigned to specific time periods of the day. But all of us work towards goals. At least I think most of us do.

I have been working through the “12 Week Year” book by Brian Moran. It’s an interesting concept. If we think we have more time we don’t necessarily work as hard towards our goals. For instance, at the beginning of the full year I might think I have plenty of time to achieve my year-end goal. It’s 52 weeks away. But do we?

If we think time is on our side, we may not work as hard because we assume, I can over-achieve next month. Unfortunately, that thinking is counter-productive, and we end up feeling as if we may as well abandon our goals because they become unachievable as time goes by.

I am fortunate to have an accountability partner for the 12-week year process. And although I have been in business for more than 25 years, I think we all realize that business is constantly changing and to be successful we need to change with it. My accountability partner and I speak each week. We develop our weekly goals that will help us to achieve our 12-week goals and ultimately our annual goals.

Doing this has made me get back to basics and really look at how I spend my time. I can be busy all the time. I imagine we all can be. But are we doing what needs to be done to accomplish specific goals? My goal for the full year is a 20% increase in sales. Granted, for my first 12-week period of the year I wasn’t as focused on this goal as I should have been. I had a dollar amount goal for each month but in all honesty, I made excuses why we didn’t achieve them.

As my accountability partner and I continued to work with each other we decided to get even more basic. How many sales meetings are needed each week? How many presentations and quotes each week? How many orders did we need each week, at what average dollar amount? All geared to achieving that 12-week goal.

Yes, it is very basic. But you know what? It got us to spend our time doing the things that really matter to achieving these goals. And I have achieved and exceeded my monthly goals for the past 4 months. And with only 11 weeks left in “my” 12-week year, my team and I are working hard to make it happen. We are up almost 10% year over year and have a great pipeline for the remainder of the year.

So, I’m optimistic we will achieve our annual 20% growth goal, or at least come very close.

Obviously, this process can be used for most any type of goal you want to achieve. As we finish out 2019, it might make sense to look at your processes and maybe re-think how you work towards your goals. The 12-week year doesn’t have to be on the calendar quarter, you can start it any time!

I’d like to hear how you work to achieve your goals. Let me know.


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