And Happy October!! It’s a great time of year for many reasons. One, the seasons are starting to change and after this hot summer, I am really looking forward to the humidity drop here in Florida (yes, our season change doesn’t have much to do with the leaves changing).

It’s also a time when we are working with companies to finish out their year productively and plan properly for the upcoming year.

As a matter of fact, right now we are working on some custom designed promotional products for a client new product launch in January. They want to make a splash with their customers and prospects and because we started working on it already they definitely will!

Unfortunately, many companies are disappointed in the early part of the New Year because they can’t be as creative as they would like to be. They have to give what is available because in most cases, they waited until the last minute.

I’m not saying creativity goes out the window, but choices are more limited as your timing closes in.

With that said, what are your promotional plans for November, December and January? Are you ready?

Keep in mind that many factories close down for at least a week sometimes two in December. And if you wait until December 20th to order for your January 4th event you may be out of luck. Because you may find the factory is closing for the holiday and won’t reopen until January 2nd.

Trust me it happens. In addition, at the end of the year many manufacturers are trying to finish out their inventory of items (it’s better for their books). So early January can be a challenge to find stock for some items as inventory isn’t back up standard levels until later in the month.

As you can see, the fall is a great time to take inventory of your late 2018 and early 2019 needs and get ahead of the curve. Even if it’s just letting us know what your plans are so we can remind you when the timing is getting close.

Planning is definitely better than settling in my book. Please us help.


Did You Know:

You don’t have to have the biggest, most mind-blowing booth at the show. You simply have to be relevant to your industry and look buttoned up.


16 oz Tumbler with Straw

16 oz double-wall tumbler with straw. Made in the USA.

1 color 1 location imprint

150 Qty: $2.40 each

2-in-1 Charging Lanyard    

18 ” lanyard w/ 7″ holder. Included plug plugs into USB port to charge your device on the go.

1 color 1 location imprint

100 Qty:  $4.30 each

Fanny Pack 

Zippered main compartment and front zipped compartment. Flap reveals organizer with slots for ID, cards , etc.

1-color 1 location imprint

100 Qty: $7.45 each

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