It’s October. With the Hurricane issues we had in September in Miami, I lost a month. At least that’s the way I feel!

And now, it’s time to really start thinking about the Holidays! Can you believe it, less than 90 days 'til 2018!!

So what are you doing to thank your clients and appreciate your employees this year?

I know that many people feel that adding a little to that final paycheck of the year is the best way to go for employees. Unfortunately, many pay a few bills and then the bonus is forgotten. And many feel they are entitled to it and then if you don’t give it one year, they feel they got a pay decrease – that’s not much of a motivating thank you!

And, if it’s a client, money is definitely not the way to go. So, what do people want or like to receive?

I do think that if it’s possible, being thoughtful and personal with a gift is the most appreciated. However, if you have many clients to thank or lots of employees that idea becomes impractical.

There are a number of gifts that a well-received:

  1. Food! Who doesn’t love to receive a great food gift? I recently won a Wisconsin Cheese box at a trade show. It came right before the Hurricane so I had plenty to share with some friends who evacuated to my house. It was amazing. Your food gift can be branded or not. Chocolates are always a favorite as are those giant tins of popcorn (look forward to them every year myself). If you have a department to satisfy, sending a few different well-chosen food gifts to share is a great way to.
  2. Travel Gifts! Many people seem to be travelling again to visit clients, vendors, attend trade shows, conventions and prospects. So, a useful gift for travel is a way to be remembered each time they hit road. A power bank to help keep their electronics going is a great way to keep them from hugging the wall outlet at the airport and thank you for it every time! A RFID wallet that will keep their credit cards safe from being scanned or if your budget allows, noise reducing headphones.
  3. Fitness Anyone? Many companies and individuals are promoting fitness and this can be a great way to cheer them on. There are great juicer bottles, water bottles, cooling towels, sports duffels and even smart watches! There truly is something for every budget.

Obviously there is so much more to consider, but I just felt it was time to remind everyone that the end of the year is quickly sneaking up on us and we don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute. Of course, you could also be either the early bird – before Thanksgiving stand-out or the first to welcome the New Year. No matter which way you go. It’s time to start planning!

Let me know if we can help!


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