I always enjoy meeting new people. And last week I was attending a networking function hosted by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. There were over 100 people in attendance. From all walks of life.

And it seemed to me that the majority of people came not knowing many people. And by the end of the evening it seemed that all had made great connections. I was watching people literally take people across the room to meet someone else.

I was even one of those people. I was speaking with this one woman and she asked, have you met Mario from one of the sponsor companies? No, I hadn’t. Off she went with me in tow to make sure I was introduced.

It felt like a great night of selflessness. Everyone seemed to want to make sure everyone made new connections.

We’ve all seen those folks that walk a networking function by shoving their business card in your hand without even a hello. Not caring to make a true connection or help you with your business. They are just there for themselves.

Not this night. There was true interest by all parties to make sure that the right introductions were made. One of my account managers was also in attendance and she introduced one person to a company she thought made sense and then walked away. At the end of the evening they ended up on the elevator together and he indicated he had set up a meeting for the very next day. He was thrilled.

That’s the way these event should be. Actually most any event when you have business people together. While, yes, I want to make new connections, but I think it’s more beneficial to make connections for others.

During this time when we are bombarded with divisive messages, it really does feel good to ignore them and help others.

So, maybe at your next networking event or holiday party you can introduce someone to a new connection and make their night.


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