I think we all pride ourselves on delivering on what we promise. You know the old adages, “don’t promise what you can’t deliver” or better yet, “under promise and over deliver!”

Lately we’ve had some issues with other people not doing their job. It makes it so difficult to explain to clients. As most of you know, we are a promotional marketing company. We work with manufacturers and decorators to produce products. We have great partnerships. Many of which we have been working with for 15-20+ years.

They typically come through for us. One reason is our history. They know we don’t push for a quicker turn around unless our client really needs it. We don’t ask for favors every day, only when we really need them.

Unfortunately for the last two weeks it seemed like the planets were out of alignment. No matter who we were working with or what we were producing something went wrong.

We had four pallets sent from a manufacturer to our client in Houston COD. The manufacturer had already billed us for the freight. Human error they said, someone checked the wrong box. Of course, our client didn’t have the necessary funds (nor should they) and refused the delivery. As a result, we had to scramble to get them delivered the next day and that was a day late. Our client had a warehouse full of people ready to pick & pack. And nothing to pack!

We had backpacks delivered imprinted with the wrong colors. The manufacturer still doesn’t know how that happened. Of course, they replaced them. But again, our client had to wait. Luckily, we were still able to deliver a day before their event. But they had to worry unnecessarily.

We had shirts that were super rush and the client changed the delivery address at the last minute. Shouldn’t have been a problem, but our decorator missed it. They were sent to the old address instead of the event hotel. They missed the event.

And I hate to say it, but I have more!! Now, we are all human and we make mistakes. And, they are costly for us all.

One of the reasons for the errors in these examples is that all these jobs were rush. Our clients had requested faster turnarounds in production than usual. The shirts were supposed to be 10-day production, we did them in three. The 4 pallets of items were supposed to be 15 days production and we did them in five.

And, when you are working faster than usual and something goes wrong you have no room for error. The planets have to stay aligned for everything to be delivered on time and be correct.

There are days that I feel like we are Gossett “RUSH” Marketing. And typically we can handle them with ease. But everyone has to be paying attention to their job.

While there was not much we could have done to change these situations it did make us take a closer look at our processes to make sure they don’t happen again. How about you? Are you playing it to close these days?  


Did You Know:

Staying true to your brand essence can be difficult if isn’t clearly defined and continually monitored. When a brand starts acting out of character with its defined essence, things can get chaotic and show up negatively on the bottom line.


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