It’s basically midway through 2018. It is May already. So I’ve been looking at the business and how we are doing so far.

It’s been a busy start. And it seems that most everyone is experiencing an uptick in their business.

So how can we keep this momentum going? One client we met with this week is going to start having monthly events in various locations for clients. They are planning a mixture of business and pleasure. They are going to discuss and introduce some new product enhancements but then have time to socialize in a fun way (free food and booze). For one they are renting a party boat to take everyone out on a sunset cruise and they are encouraging their clients to bring their significant other.

Of course we are providing a gift bag for each event. They’ve charged us with coming up with some different ways they can make a lasting impression on their clients and prospects after the event. Some of these are for their Caribbean clients (and the event is happening on a great Caribbean island, and yes, I did ask if I could be invited). So one of our gifts is new water bottle that is also a Bluetooth speaker! It plays music and can answer your phone. They are sure their audience will love it!

What I like most about this client is that even with all their rapid growth they are not sitting back and expecting it to continue. They know they have a lot of competition and they need to continuously stand out with their clients and prospects. Smart.

Another client is doing the same thing for their employees. Now that the economy is better employees are not afraid to move to another job. So many companies realize they have to become more creative in their appreciation for their employees.

We’ve had more calls for incentives and recognition programs this spring than ever before.

One of the areas of particular interest is rewarding employees that are going above and beyond their normal jobs. It’s so easy to forget that everyone is working multiple jobs these days. So making sure your employees are appreciated is a key ingredient to keeping them around for the long haul. Obviously some are providing employees with time off for staying late and working on a weekend, others are looking into setting up a more formal program. We just presented a new online appreciation store. Employees get points for various achievements and then they can shop the store for things they will use from a logo’d shirt (think casual Friday attire) to a Power Bank or Bluetooth earbuds.

They not only want to make sure their employees feel appreciated they want them to help them find new employees. What better way than a referral from a happy employee.

Remember, everyone likes to do be recognized for a job well done.

So, if you haven’t said thank you to your clients or employees since the end of last year, maybe it’s time to start making the rounds


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