Well, spring is upon us in a bad way – daylight savings time! I don’t know about you, but I hate changing the clocks. My internal clock doesn’t care for it at all. And while I love the light later at night, now I’ll be walking my dogs in the pitch- black darkness.

The extra daylight though does seem to put people in a more upbeat mood. Probably because we are getting more vitamin D. And as such, business seems to be taking a nice uptick.

Plans are being made for introducing new products, celebrating key milestones as well as just reminding customers of specific product offerings. The winter blahs are starting to come to an end for people and businesses.

As with just about any business, we have weekly, monthly and quarterly sales goals. We have standard goals and stretch goals. Our stretch goals are the numbers we truly want to reach. What about you? How are you fairing on your sales goals so far this year?

I’ve been working the program, The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington and I have to say it has made me rethink how I approach our sales. One of the premises of the book is that If you have 12 months to achieve your goals then you may not be concerned if you are falling behind in the first quarter. Because you have 3 more quarters to make it up!

However, do you always make it up? I now make shorter term goals and I am happy to report we are working smarter and more efficiently than ever because we only have 12 weeks to achieve our goals.

So, if you need help achieving your goals, give us a call. We can help you with a direct mail campaign that will get your prospects and clients to respond (sales anyone?). Or help you with an incentive program to motivate your employees to stay with you (with unemployment so low, the best people are being poached). We can design a trade show program that will brand you from start to finish, booth, signage, materials, giveaways and apparel so you will bring in top leads.

It’s the end of the first quarter, only 9 months to go. Where do your sales stand? We can help.


Did You Know:

Today, we have more options for environmentally “responsible” products than ever before. Many communities and companies, including thankfully, some cruise ship lines, no longer use plastic straws. We now have straws made of recyclable products like bamboo and paper. We also have personal reusable straws made of silicone and stainless steel.


Mini Tissue Pack 

Contains 10 tissues.

4 color process imprint on white decal.

250 Qty: $0.85 each

Reusable Phone Pocket 

Phone pocket with adhesive on the backside can be placed on most surfaces.

1 color 1 location imprint

100 Qty:  $3.60 each

Backsack Drawstring Bag 

Open main compartment with drawstring closure. Elastic panel opening slides over the backside of chair.

1 color 1 location imprint

150 Qty: $3.65 each

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