I have been speaking with a number of clients lately about direct mail. You know, that envelope or package that comes to your home or office that you actually have to touch and hopefully open. For years many industry experts have been saying that direct mail is a dying marketing tool. Everyone wants to receive their information electronically.

Well, I still disagree. As we become more technologically saavy we also become harder to reach electronically. We all have firewalls and junk folders and receive so much email that we start our day with our finger on the delete button scrolling quickly through the email deleting the majority of our in-box so we can see those emails that we really want/need to read. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that email campaigns can still be very effective. Though I don’t think it’s not the perfect marketing tool many thought it would always be.

I personally still like to get mail. I like to open a hand written thank you note (and yes, if done consistently this can be considered direct mail), I like to get a free sample of something to try, I also like receiving a monthly newsletter I can read without my computer.

Granted, there is direct mail I receive that goes straight into the trash. Why? Because I don’t need another credit card or insurance company. But, maybe at another time I will and then I may open their envelope and give them a call.

That’s one of the elements of direct mail that can be underestimated. The regular reminder of who you are and what you sell. The old adage of “out of sight, out of mind” still holds true. And in many cases I think it is even more true today. We are constantly bombarded with messages. But do we really see or comprehend all of them, no. It would be virtually impossible to have recall on all that we encounter on a daily basis.

However, I do believe that a well thought out direct marketing campaign can still be quite effective. I do remember the insurance company that sends me monthly reminders of their services. Yes, they need to stand out to grab attention. The days of a simple white letter envelope automatically getting opened are gone.

And sometimes standing out can be as simple as those really large post cards we all seem to get today. And why? Because they work. I look at them. I am always interested in what real estate is hitting the market in my area or what one local retailer has on sale.

Or it can be as complex as a multi-level box. I received one just recently from a car dealership. It was so elaborately made there was no way I wasn’t going to open it. Inside was a bag of very special coffee beans and a message inviting me to have coffee with them and test drive their newest car. Now, I’m not in the market for a new car right now. But I still have the box and the coffee. And you know what? I’ve shown it to a number of people because it was so well done. And, when I am ready to buy a new car I will probably go by their dealership.

So if you have the right message, a unique delivery and can be consistent in your mailings then direct mail might be worth a second look.

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