Well, it certainly got to be summer very fast. Here in South Florida we were lucky with a less humid end of May than we typically have, but June sure has reminded us where we live!

And while it’s just June, now is really a great time to reassess all your marketing materials for the fall. While everyone seems to be so very busy right now, I do believe it will slow down as people start to take their vacations (I personally can’t wait for mine in 6 weeks).

So, it makes it the perfect time to check on your table throws, retractable banners and trade show booths. Do they need a refresh before the fall Trade Show season?

What about your employee apparel? Is it starting to look a little worn or is it time just to bring in a more up-to-date look?

Or what about your fall promotions? Have you started to think about the “back to school” promotion you may be launching this year? Or what about a program to close-out the year with record sales?

Now is the time to start putting the plans together. I speak to client every day that have missed opportunities because they waited too long. In our instant gratification society we think that everything can be done in an instant. And yes, sometimes it can be, but it’s best not to count on that.

For example, we have many manufacturers that offer 24 hour service – most of the time. Unfortunately, they have been suspending it regularly for the past month. Why? Because they are so busy they can’t keep up with demand. So now they have suspended it until the end of June. No rush orders.

However, they can get it completed in 5 days. But as I said, everyone wants to wait until the very last minute to make decisions.

Waiting unfortunately can cost more (do I hear rush freight costs) or in some instances not having anything for an event because production is 5-7 days.

I am personally trying to be more self-aware on my own daily planning. So far I do find myself getting more accomplished. So, add your fall promotions to your list and let’s start planning now!


Did You Know:

Some thoughts are meant to be written by hand on a piece of paper with a lovely pen. It’s not too early to start thinking about which of your clients, prospects and team members would appreciate such a classic gift for the upcoming summer holidays or for those holidays that are just around the corner from summer. 


Inflatable Beverage Float

Holds standard size cup, bottle, or can

1 color imprint

100 Qty: $1.70 each

Metallic Lip Moisturizer

Metallic Lip Moisturizer ball with matching silicone sleeve. Vanilla Flavored. FDA approved.

1 color 1 location imprint

250 Qty:  $1.90 each

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

Retractable stainless steel straw in travel tube. Includes brush to clean straw.

1 color 1 location imprint

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