I just returned from the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Impact Conference and it seems that all everyone could talk about was how busy everyone is. Unemployment is way down and business is way up!

And that’s good news for everyone. However, it doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back and assume this trend will continue. Because we are all so busy we need to be mindful not to take any of our customers for granted. So, now is the perfect time to begin scheduling your client check-ups. If you don’t normally do them then this may be the time to start.

Are you meeting with your clients and asking how you are doing? I’ve just started setting my mid-year meetings. I basically go in with a couple of questions in mind. How are we doing? What should we be doing differently? How can we better serve you/communicate with you? What projects should we begin thinking about?

I find them very refreshing and sometimes hard. We pride ourselves on being there for all our client’s needs. However, I have had a rude awakening a time or two when I learned that we’ve missed something. But if I didn’t have these meetings then we would never know and one day the client might just be wooed by another firm.

The summer is a great time for these check-ups as some businesses do seem to slow down just a bit. We all get caught up in the everyday chaos of our respective businesses but we all need to take that step back and regroup. Evaluate how you’re doing within your business as well as how you’re doing with your customers

These check-ups also give us an opportunity to discuss any upcoming programs, projects or company changes. Last year, at one such check in I learned one client was buying another company. Luckily for us it was just going to expand their geographic area but if not, it would have given us time to prepare for possible account changes.

So, make your list and start making those appointments. Even if you don’t get to see all your customers they all will at least know you tried.


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