As an entrepreneur I juggle many hats. And a friend of mine recently told me they just didn’t know how I did it. Well, sometimes I don’t know either.

As an entrepreneur I am constantly trying to stay in touch with our customers, trying to volunteer for community programs, be there for questions from the team, trying to keep those pesky administrative chores up to date (we do have to invoice customers and pay bills) and of course regularly looking for new business.

And the past couple of weeks I have been on the road quite a bit pitching new clients all over the state of Florida. Really starting to learn some back roads to traverse this big state!

And this week was no different. I don’t text and drive or read emails but I do talk on the phone. I just can’t be completely out of touch for hours. And, this trip I actually fired up my laptop at a rest area (thank you mobile hot spots) to take care of a few things en route.

I spoke to a couple of clients and the office but I also tried something new. I took the advice of Jack Canfield (from his Success Principles book) and used my non-talking time more wisely. Typically I have my tunes I like to listen to (and sing to at high volume) when I drive, but this time I brought along the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” series of CD’s (I know – CDs).

Granted, I’ve been to his weekend program so I knew what I was going to be listening to and it was a great refresher (and I only got through half of them).  I felt energized and productive. I was feeding my brain with concepts, ideas and suggestions that will help this long-time entrepreneur continue to grow.  And, it made the time on the road go so much faster.

I’ve realized that I am already thinking a little differently about how I juggle – should I do this or must I do something else?

I have heard others over the years extol the virtues of listening to books in the car. And that may be next for me. While I still like my music I think a combination would be even better.

What about you?

See you on the road!


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