I know most of us are enduring the heat of summer. Seems to be a main topic of conversation no matter where you live this year!

And that’s why I want to talk about the holidays! It’s July and it’s a good time to start thinking about how and when you are going to recognize and thank your clients and employees. To be perfectly honest, I’ve already starting receiving information from some of our top manufacturers for what’s new for this holiday season.

While it is nice to recognize people throughout the year, people do seem to expect something around the holidays. I know our office loves receiving all the wonderful holiday taste treats – those tins of multi-flavored popcorn are still a hit!
So, if you haven’t put your plan together now is a good time to start. Do you need holiday cards? I know many people have opted to send e-cards but to be perfectly honest, my clients have always commented on how much they enjoy receiving a “real” card. Plus, you never know how many of your e-cards didn’t make it through a client’s firewall.

I recommend holiday cards get ordered in September  or early October so you have plenty of time to get them personalized (if you want to), addressed and mailed in a timely fashion.

Another item that Gossett Marketing likes to include every year is a wall calendar. I know, with all the “devices” available do people really still use wall calendars. Well, my clients do. I walked into an office just last week and sure enough, our calendar was on her wall. Why? She told me she loves it because it is easy to refer to when working on projects. We can create a totally custom one, or modify an existing design to make it work for you. Again, September is a good time to start that process.

at about a gift for your clients? As I mentioned, food is always a big hit especially when you are want to impact a full department or small company. 

Some of our clients like to get more personal with their customers. For instance, if they know they travel, this year they may want to get one of the new RFID blocking wallets or passport holders (did you realize the chips on your credit cards, passport or driver’s license can be scanned without your knowledge?). Or if you know they are in the car frequently maybe a new travel mug. Or if you want something more fun, what about the new water bottles that come equipped with a blue tooth speaker?

It’s a great way to stand out with your customers and employees if you plan a little. Because if you wait till the last minute the inventory could be gone or the factory is at capacity and can’t get it produced for your event or time schedule.

So, Christmas in July isn’t that far-fetched when you are thinking ahead for a productive holiday season this fall.  Let us know how we can help.


Did You Know:

No matter what size your organization, you can keep your marketing engine running smoothly and with greater precision, with an annual review, check-up and maintenance schedule.


Donald Ballpoint Pen

Rubberized, semi-translucent barrel with smooth silver clip.

4 color process imprint on barrel.

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2-in-1 Charging Bracelet 

2-in-1 duel compatible tip for charging both android and iOS devices. Carry-on friendly!

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