I just celebrated my 25th Anniversary of opening the doors of Gossett Marketing. I was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of congrats and well wishes from so many friends and clients.

I was also humbled at some of the comments people made regarding my success. “Of course, new you would”, “always worked so hard”, and truly humbling “we are all better for this”.

When I started Gossett Marketing it was a new chapter in my life. I had recently been down-sized from my corporate job as Director of Marketing for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and recently divorced from my husband. Being from an entrepreneurial family I figured – why not do my own thing and be the leader of my destiny. At the time, I never thought I would fail, but at the same time, didn’t think I would be in business 25 years (and hopefully a lot longer!).

My business has changed over the years, as it should have looking back. And I hope to be able to continue to change with the times. I and my business have to stay relevant to the changing business environment as well as the people we work with. That’s why I am constantly reading and attending conferences, to learn what’s next.

So, it got me to thinking about what’s next for all of us. Amazon seems to be trying to take over the shopping arena, more and more consolidations are taking place daily and technology is gaining speed at an exponential rate. How do we keep up? Are we even trying that hard?

It’s something to consider for all businesses. Maybe this summer as you are lying on a beach somewhere trying to regroup you take a little time to really look at your business and if you are staying on top of trends. Is it time to evaluate your processes to get rid of those that are unnecessary, tweak those that could be better and find new ways to do things?

Here at Gossett Marketing we are becoming more “virtual” making sure we can work from just about anywhere. It’s made me let go of some of my “old” ways and become more comfortable with a more paperless environment. I have to admit I love being able to access just about anything I need remotely! No longer do I have to call the office and ask someone to go pull out a file!

I don’t know if I want to still be working in another 25 years (although I come from great genes of longevity) but I want to make sure my business is needed if I do. What about you?


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Before the busy fall season kicks into gear it would be great to make sure your brand/image is looking its best and ready to work hard for you.

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