The New Year is off to a fast start. It’s like we never had any time off for the holidays.

And next week I will be heading to the Promotional Production Association International show in Las Vegas. It’s the largest show in the United States with more than 1000 manufacturers and decorators in attendance and more than 20 miles of aisles of products on display!

I have to admit I haven’t been to this show in years. I’m very fortunate that most of the top manufacturers actually come to our office on a regular basis to review their products. However, they can’t bring everything!

And this year there is a lot of change in the industry. We are all grappling with the issue of the new Chinese import tariffs. A 10% increase took effect in October 2018 which effected the pricing on some items. There was a new one originally scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2019, that has been delayed until March 1st for now. That increase could be as high as 25% on some elements of products.

So while I’m excited to go and see what’s new, I’m also going to be speaking with the manufacturers as to what they are doing to ensure limited increases in product costs.

I am also going to be exploring the new Made in America section to see who has product alternatives that the pricing may be more stable than those now potentially at risk with new import tariffs.

As you all know, I’ve been in this business a very long time. I understand the benefit of promotional products and keeping your brand top of mind with your clients and prospects. But I also understand that we are all working on budgets and want to make sure we always have the best arsenal to provide you with the best product value.

I will also be having one-on-one meetings with several of the top manufacturers so if you have anything special you’d like me to explore for you, please let know.

I’ll report back in February about some of the most interesting products I see!


Did You Know:

Studies show brands that advertise with direct mail make more of an impression on customers and are more likely to be remembered than those who don’t. In fact, the USPS reports that brand recall is 70% higher when customers are exposed to direct mail as opposed to digital.


Cotton Travel Pouch 

8 oz Cotton Canvas travel pouch with zippered compartment.

1 color 1 location imprint

200 Qty: $2.30 each

Logan Tote

600d PolyCanvas tote with graphite design. Slash pocket on front, open main compartment.

1 color 1 location imprint

100 Qty:  $5.85 each

Dopp Kit 

Zippered main compartment, top grab handle, and mesh zippered interior pockets.

1 color 1 location imprint

100 Qty: $6.50 each

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