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I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start (even with all the cold weather)!

As we all begin to dive into our new year programs it’s the perfect time to reassess your promotional needs. All too often we get those very last minute requests. Now, we can usually help with “something” but it would be better if it was a well thought-out something.

We actually got a call yesterday from one of our long-term clients for an event “today”! Yes, today. Now, luckily we had a small inventory of one of their branded items in-house that we were able messenger over, but that is atypical.

All week long we have been getting these requests. We are currently working on four rush orders for a client that needs specific branded items for an event in 3 days!

We all get busy and yes, we are here to make the impossible possible, but with just a little extra planning you won’t have to settle for what we can make happen.

I met with a client just before the holidays that has 40 events this year. So we’ve started to dissect each event by answering the following questions:

  • When is the event?
  • What type of event? (trade show, reception, community, etc)
  • Who is the audience for event?
  • Is there a theme for the event?
  • What is the budget for the event?

Once we have that information we can develop a schedule for all aspects needed for the event. For example: when invitations need to go out, what signage or printed material needs to be produced (other sponsors?), are napkins, balloons, paper goods, branded apparel and giveaways required – can some be used for multiple events? You get the idea.

By working with a roadmap we are able to help keep you on track and make sure you have the appropriately branded printed materials and products for your event in a timely manner that will ultimately save money and headaches!

Let me know if we can help!


Did You Know:

Creating a company policy that helps to improve the lives of your employees will go further in keeping employees happy and engaged than an atmosphere of fear and competition.



Cinch Sleep Pen Plunger Action.

Rubber grip, translucent barrel. 1 color 1 location imprint. 250 Qty: $0.95 each


RFID Data Blocking Wallet

Zippered compartment with split ring. Prevents data transfer between the wallet and reader. 1-color 1 location imprint 100 Qty: $2.85 each


Cotton Sportspak

5 oz. Cotton drawstring bag with large main compartment. 1-color 1 location imprint 100 Qty: $3.99 each

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