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I recently took a few days out of the office to work “on” me and my business instead of “in” my business. I am sure most everyone that has a business or even works in a large corporate environment can understand how important it is to get out of the weeds of the day to day once in a while.

I was fortunate to join a group of other similar business owners from around the country for a series of facilitated discussions (there were 20 of us in all). We discussed our many varied challenges for 2018 and got to listen to many different points of view as to how those challenges could be overcome. We discussed employee trends, vendor relationships as well as the keys to growing client relationships.

This type of 2-day event was a first for me and it really gave me the opportunity to discuss and concentrate on how to take my business to the next level.

One of the areas we discussed was commitment. Many of you know that I have my own PHD (Pig-headed discipline) way about how I get things done. But bringing the word commitment into the equation brought it to a different perspective for me.

I’d always thought I was committed to my business and its success. But this was commitment in a new way.

Commitment is powerful. According to the book, Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini, it is one of the six absolute rules of influence. Being specifically committed helps you to create more positive habits that will help you achieve your goals and dreams (even surpass them) we discussed.

And, while I was committed to the overall success and goals of the business, I wasn’t necessarily committed in specific ways to achieve those goals. I’m working on that. I’m working on how those goals look once they are achieved (I’m writing a painted picture detailing the end result – more difficult exercise than I anticipated). And that “picture” will help me to develop the steps I need to be committed to achieving them.

Those two days have now turned in to even more of me working “on” my business. It’s one of the commitments I have made for greater progress in 2018.

Is it time for you too?


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