Well, the end of the year is very close now. And, I am looking forward to a new decade and the new challenges 2020 will bring.

We added a new account manager earlier this year that is handling clients in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. I had thought we had been providing superior customer care to those clients, but they were thrilled to have someone close by. They said they felt guilty having someone “drive” so far to see them.

Not how I wanted them to feel at all! It made me both happy and sad. Happy because my clients were so considerate of our relationship. But sad because they felt we weren’t as “there” for them as I thought we were. Made me realize I should have asked sooner.

Since we are coming into a new year and decade, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate how we operate. Do we need to add others to our team to expand coverage? Are there better ways to work/engage with our clients? When was the last time we asked?

We were fortunate this year to grow several clients substantially and secure a few new ones (while keeping our existing clients). And we have several interesting prospects that I feel confident will become clients in early 2020.
So to help manage this growth, we will be moving to a new operating system. The system is designed to help us keep on top of orders and all the processes involved. The conversion should be seamless to our clients, but we are very excited about the transition.

It’s just one of the many changes we are exploring to move into the new decade prepared for what is to come.

Have you explored the changes you may need? Have you reviewed your processes and talked with your team about what’s working or not? Have you had a session with your clients to check in on how you are doing?

Now’s a good time to start.

Look forward to seeing you in the new year!


Did You Know:

My team can remind clients that something is coming up well in advance, getting and keeping them on track. This way, there is plenty of time to be creative and maintain poise. There’s nothing better than accomplishing important business in a cool, calm and collected manner.


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