Someone told me the other day that even though we are so busy and the days seem so long that the months go by so fast! And that seems to be so true for me these days.

We all talk about life balance. Work to live, not live to work. Lately I’ve had it a bit backwards I fear. I’ve hired a couple of new people this year and while they are a huge help I can’t seem to get myself caught up.

Maybe my hands-on style is too hands-on. I am not a micro-manager by any stretch of the imagination. Just ask my team! Yet, I still find myself with clients wanting my input and my team needing my attention.

As most of you know, we just started our 27th year in business. I like to think my business has changed with the times. We have expanded our offerings, become more tech savvy, more nimble. And yet, we still have the face to face relationships that our clients seem to like.

I think many businesses are struggling for the balance. I know a lot of people think that email, Facebook, Instagram or such is enough client interaction. But I disagree.  Our clients want to know who we are.

Truly, the old adage still seems to be true. People like to do business with people they know and trust.

I was at a networking function this week and met a new client. She had heard me speak and wanted to meet me. She’s the client of one of my team. She searched me out to meet me face to face. She was so happy for us to be able to chat and pleased that I knew who she was and what projects of hers we were working on. She appreciated the personal touch.

Now, that may make me sound like a micro-manager, but we have a status report of all our client projects that we review as a team every Monday morning. It’s our way to make sure anyone on the team can pitch in when necessary. And it helped me make a client feel more special.

I’ve had clients tell me that we always make them feel like they are our only client when they know they are really a very small one. We can’t help it. It seems to be the culture I’ve built (maybe it’s my southern upbringing). And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, while I am going to work on my balance issue, I’m not going to change our personal touch.

What about you? What’s your balance like?


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