I attended a conference last week with other business owners from around the country. Large and small, literally revenues ran from $400,000 to $34,000,000. And all were there for the same reason, to learn from each other.

I was so impressed with how open everyone was to share their individual “secrets to success”. Some have a sales coach to keep them accountable, some are a part of a mastermind group others seemed to have a strong self-disciplined routine.

I, personally fall into a couple of categories. I do feel I am pretty disciplined (I think you have to be if you are the principle owner of a business) and I also have a sales coach. I like having someone I can bounce ideas off of as well as to seek advice when I’m developing sales goals.

Now, I’m adding the third element, a mastermind group. I met a few people at the convention that asked me to participate with them. And I decided to accept. Why? Because I need to stretch my comfort zone every day to continue to grow both personally and professionally. I want to hear more from fellow business owners as to what’s working and not working for them. I want to stay more on top of my “game.”

Just this week I met with a client where we discussed new innovations within their company so that they stay relevant. And that’s what I want to make sure that I do, stay relevant. I’ve had people say to me “oh, I don’t need to go to those types of meetings or be part of a mastermind group, I’ve been doing this a long time and know what to do.” Really? With the speed of business today I don’t see how.

And why not? What’s wrong with attending a conference where you get to participate in a workshop with Jack Canfield (keynote and workshop – he’s the Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Success Principles author and so many more and a phenomenal speaker I might add) that was not only motivational but provided tips for helping me continue to grow?

I have goals for my business, monthly, quarterly, annually and the big 5 year goal. But, one thing I heard that hit home was “what five action steps are you taking every day to achieve those goals?”

So, that’s why I joined a mastermind group. I am hoping that they will help me remember to keep my eye on those five action steps, if not every day, at least on a more regular basis.

What are your action steps?


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