I hope everyone is ready for the 2nd quarter, because it’s here! It seems that everyone is having a very busy year so far. And that’s good for us all. It is certainly better than the alternative.

I’ve been in business 26 years and I have to say every year is different. We are very fortunate that most of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years. We are also very fortunate that we are under contract with a number of our clients. But still, the years are always different. Budgets never seem to be consistent.

How do you prepare for the ups and downs? Even when we are really busy we try to maintain our pipeline of new business prospects. It’s hard but a necessary task. It is so easy to think, wow, we’re doing so well we don’t need to keep pursuing new business.

Unfortunately that is never the case. We’ve had clients merge and we lose the account. We’ve had clients have major budget cuts and say “they’ll be back” and we’ve had clients have management changes and they bring in their own “partners”. And most of the time you never know when any of this is going to happen.

So for me, it makes my really busy time even busier. I was speaking to a friendly competitor last week who has only been in business a few years and he is struggling with getting it all done. I mentioned that being disciplined in my approach is key for me. And I still have a long way to go.

A new tactic I’ve started this year is color coding my outlook calendar for all my tasks and meetings every day. And I’ve discovered that I’m not staying on task like I should and that sometimes I spend way too much time on operations. So, guess what? I’m going to be hiring an operations manager.

I think many of us can get sucked into the small task minutiae of our daily routine. And that’s how we get off track. We spend time checking off the wrong things on our list. Basically we end up working on those items that maybe shouldn’t even be on our list in the first place. Now that I color code my calendar it shows me where I am spending my time and if I don’t have a Business Development hour every day then I know something has to change that I need to re-prioritize my day.

For me, it’s been a visual awakening of how I’m spending my time and it helps me to recognize those areas that really may not need my attention.

As we all start the second quarter maybe it’s a good time to try some new organizational tools to make our days even more productive.

Do you have any you want to share?


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