I just came from a meeting and the conversation kept coming back to “are we adding value”. Granted this was a Chamber of Commerce meeting, but it got me to thinking, are we adding value to our clients every day?

Of course, value is different for everyone. Some people love working with us because we develop creative solutions. Some clients love us because we save them time. And yet others love us because we’ve saved them money. And of course, many love us when we are able to do all three!

How do I know this? Because I have asked our clients repeatedly over the years what they want from us. I appreciate the feedback and suggestions because I am looking for long-term relationships not just an order. I don’t even like being called a vendor as I consider us partners with our clients. And how can I know if I am giving them what they need and want if I don’t ask. When was the last time you asked?

As I was thinking about this I actually got a request from my new healthcare provider – “we always know there is room for improvement, can you answer a brief survey?” They get it. They want to make sure that they are adding value to me so I will stay a customer. And I appreciate that.

Last week, I had an order go wrong for a new client. It was a combination of errors that the client and I both have to share, but it didn’t make it any easier for my client or me. I truly hate when something doesn’t go right – timing or production quality. When I called the manufacturer to explain we needed a replacement overnight, she said, “I can tell how concerned you are”. And I was. It wasn’t an act. I take it very personally.

I told my new client, “you don’t know us yet, but we truly feel your pain and revel in your successes.” I was concerned I would never get another chance to prove that to her, but luckily they have already placed another order. I appreciate that they understood how far I went to get them a replacement literally overnight. And although I knew it wasn’t going to be delivered until 8am I was still up at 4:30am worrying about and tracking its progress.

It’s what we do. It’s just the way we are and the culture that we’ve built. It’s part of our value proposition. What’s yours?


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