Olympian Efforts Go Into Every Marketing Campaign

swimmer-640378_960_720As anyone who is in marketing knows, each campaign a Marketing Director launches is kind of like an Olympic event. Every aspect of the campaign is planned with great care and attention. The hours that go into developing a marketing campaign seem endless. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes months.  

The objective of every marketing campaign is that it will be noticed and acted upon by the greatest number of people possible.

One always hopes each time they launch a new campaign that this is the one that’s going to win the gold medal!

This year is an Olympic year and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to link their campaigns with the skill, determination and intensity that every Olympian brings to the games. It’s a great opportunity to launch a promotional marketing campaign around the Olympics if your company or business can make the connection without it seeming forced.

Hooking into the Olympics can be fun for a corporation or business when done thoughtfully and seamlessly woven into the company personality and mission.

Golf Goes for the Gold

Par Pack with Golf Ball-N-Tees - Wilson (R) Ultra

Par Pack with Golf Ball-N-Tees – Wilson (R) Ultra

If your company has ever sponsored a golf event or has ever thought about doing so, this is the year to do it. After a 112-year hiatus, golf is returning to the Olympics. With the return of golf, there is some exciting news for those who win which can be worked into a corporate promotional campaign.  

According to Olympic.org, “The men’s Olympic champion in Rio will gain entry into the Masters, US Open, Open Championship and US PGA Championship in 2017, while the golfer who wins gold in the women’s competition will qualify automatically for the 2016 Evian Championship – which takes place directly after the Games – as well as the Women’s PGA Championship, the US Women’s Open and Women’s British Open in 2017.” The correlations can be made with your company’s sales teams and events throughout the year as well as into 2017.

Host Interoffice and/or Public Events

What if you launch your own internal “Office Olympics” or sponsor a public event? Create buzz around your event with promotional posters, flyers, giveaways and leave behinds. Whatever you decide, internal or external, Gossett Marketing has everything you’ll need to launch your event with all the excitement it deserves.

Effort Deserves Recognition

3-Ply Terry Headband

3-Ply Terry Headband

You can create award ceremonies with all the pomp and circumstance of the Olympics to recognize the participants as well as the managers who pull off the promotions. After all, the Olympic Creed says it best: “The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.”

Gossett Marketing is here to help you come up with Olympic inspired promotions as well as provide your company with a host of exciting custom branded promotional items. From medals to lavish upon the winners and runners up, to themed t-shirts, caps and accessories like sweat headbands and wristbands, Gossett marketing has got you covered. We’ve got cowbells for cheering on teammates, glow light wristbands, pedometers, and jump ropes along with a host of golf accessories.

Let us help you make your promotion live up to the Olympic spirit.

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