Now’s the Time to Initiate a Spring Fling!

SpringSpring is just around the corner. With its enlivening weather everything and everyone gets a little excited feeling the freshness of life again.  I’m not suggesting a romantic interlude, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  However, when it comes to sparking new life in your business there’s no better time to plant seeds that will take off like crazy and reap substantial rewards for you in the future.

How about launching a spring season “growth” promotion? You could think of this kind of promotion much like planting a real garden. Plant the seeds for future sales by sending out cards embedded with seeds.

Seed Sensations Watering Can Planter

Seed Sensations Watering Can Planter

Spring into action with a cornucopia of options to select from. A well-designed and thought out campaign is likely to stimulate significant new growth. Postcards and greeting cards embedded with seeds get placed into a shallow pot of soil. When watered, they spring into life in a matter of days. Your prospects and clients can watch the growth right before their eyes.

It’s exciting to think about all the options. There are mini bamboo blossom kits, herb garden sets, flowerpot sets with natural biodegradable planters, and much more.

Fall in love with your business all over again. Initiate an exciting Spring Fling.  Spring into action with a campaign that could be fruitful for years to come. This is a great way and a perfect time to reach out to prospects and to re-engage with clients to spring their business growth into action. As always, Gossett Marketing is here to help you create and/or execute your “growth” campaigns. We can spring into action virtually at a moment’s notice!


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