New Product Or New Business Launch In The New Fiscal Year

Many business owners wait until the fiscal year to launch a new division, product or business.

If that rings true for you, you still have time to coordinate your marketing efforts for your new venture. If you are planning your launch to coordinate with an upcoming trade show, now is the perfect time to make certain all your ducks are in a row, so to speak.

First Time Trade Show

If this season will be your first exhibiting at a trade show, you’ll want to be particularly diligent in making sure you have all your bases covered. There’s nothing worse than getting to the trade show floor only to discover you don’t have the materials you need. Or that you’ve arrived with a distinctly invisible presence. If you’re going through the exercise of being there, you really must do your absolute best to make it count. Otherwise it will be like throwing money away.

Of course, you will do your due diligence, and yet still, something will fall through the cracks. If you would like help reviewing what you’ll need in terms of marketing pieces from your branded shirts and booth to your brochures and give-aways in addition to making sure all your marketing pieces are coordinated, printed and shipped in time for the trade show, give us a call. We’ve been helping our clients dot all their ‘I’s” and cross all their “t’s” and get all their ducks in a row before, during and after tradeshows for decades. There’s absolutely no need to attend your first tradeshow as an exhibitor without experienced help.

Old Timer, New Product Launch

You’ve ‘been there. done that,’ and you think you’ve got your tradeshow mojo down to an art or science. Don’t get too cavalier. I’ve had the best of the best calling me hours before the trade show begins crying for help due to some piece they overlooked. It always helps to have a set of fresh eyes review your materials prior to the show. Now’s a good time to schedule that review and we’d be happy to help. Maybe your entire booth and presence could use an updated look and feel. Maybe all of your marketing materials no longer appropriately represent the new direction of your company and or brand.

If you’re launching a new product or service, keep in mind that you may need to treat it as a completely separate entity. You may not be able to use any of your previous marketing materials. If it is a line extension, you will probably be able to get away using existing material but may need a new brochure and a poster or two for the tradeshow booth.

Don’t forget to include your new product launch in your digital marketing efforts as well. In fact, this is where you’ll most likely want your product or service to have its very own presence.

Tradeshow Finesse

Launching a new business or a new brand at the start of the fiscal year is a good idea. Taking time now, during the long, slow summer days is an even better idea. Let us help you finesse your promotional marketing pieces to perfection and keep you on track so you’ll be ready to take your industry tradeshow with confidence whether it’s your first or your grand finale!

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