New Normal Presents New Opportunities To Grow Business

We’ve always heard that, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Well, here we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has forced us to change our behavior on a dime. There is a great necessity for inventing new ways to grow your business without the usual traveling and networking over a cocktail, coffee, lunch or dinner. The golf course could still be in play as long as everyone keeps their safe, social distance!

The Virtual World Is The New Real World

The fact is that suddenly we are discussing business from our home computer in “virtual” meeting rooms. Zoom or Microsoft Team meetings have become standard procedure or “the new normal”. As adaptable as we are though, humans need more interaction. And while many people have discovered they actually thrive while working from home, there are many more who are longing for the casual chat around the coffee pot or water cooler and the flurry of ideas that are so often stimulated in these casual, daily encounters.

When it comes to sales, there is nothing quite like personal interaction. In fact, meeting new people is integral to growing a network of prospects and staying in touch with clients.

Meeting Prospects In The Virtual World

I am a chronic networker. I love going to Networking events and meeting new people. So you can imagine I’ve been feeling just a wee bit frustrated! Lately though, I’ve been invited to smaller group meetings for the express purpose of networking. Yes, they are still meetings in the virtual world, but they have been a Godsend for me.

Here’s what I do after attending a networking meeting online. I send out a nice bulky padded envelope with some of our Gossett Marketing materials. Mostly I send the leave-behinds I would have given out at an in-person meeting.

The feedback from recipients is that it is fun getting these packages. They come as a welcome surprise during days that are bereft of pleasant surprises, and this creates interaction. I often get an actual phone call after someone receives my package. Of course, that opens up opportunities to learn more about the person I’ve met. So far it seems to be working.

Creating New Business Opportunities In The New Normal
Another thing I’ve been doing to generate new business is scouring my Linked-In connections to see who has moved where and to reconnect and set up meetings. We all need to be interacting on many new and different levels now to engage prospects and clients. Direct mail, especially interesting looking delivery systems such as bulky envelopes and boxes could be just what the doctor ordered during this COVID-19 challenge.

If you would like to engage your prospects or clients with an exciting direct mail campaign, give me a call.  Meanwhile, stay well and stay safe. We’ll get through this with exciting new ways to connect. We are, after all, a very creative species!

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