Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention And Oh What A Mother This Pandemic Is

Every business, corporation, organization and individual is being challenged to negotiate and survive the COVID-19 pandemic – hopefully intact, but perhaps even stronger, wiser and better.  Out of necessity, we are being called upon to dig into our deepest reserves and resources. Not just financially, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. This time demands imagination, cooperation, caring and compassion. Everyone must invent ways to cope and continue on in the face of this enormously challenging time. (I wrote about some ways of coping in last month’s article. In case you missed it you can read it by clicking here:New Normal Presents New Opportunities To Grow Business)

Helping Each Other

I’ve been asking myself, “How can we help each other?” I am searching endlessly for ways to encourage the members of my team to hang in and hang on, as well as my clients, prospects and vendors. We will get through this together.

There are a multitude of issues my business is facing. I am certain businesses of every size are being challenged in similar ways. One of the biggest challenges continues to be how to build loyalty and team spirit and cohesiveness when so many employees are mandated to work from home. As we are finding out, not everyone is cut out for working remotely. (I’m one of them!) Another important issue is bringing in new people. How should we welcome, train and engage new employees with social distancing and little or no time in the office under such unusual circumstances?

Share What We Learn During This Time

Sharing what we are learning from this crisis is a great starting point. I see this as the perfect opportunity to build stellar brand loyalty. What we do and say, and how we act during this pandemic is going to be remembered by employees, customers, vendors, and if done really well by our competitors too. We can become role models for the new economy.

If you are onboarding new team members, you can send a special onboarding kit to each employee at their home. Make them feel welcomed with a notebook with pen, and an office kit with a variety of items for their at-home desk along with a personalized (with their name) tumbler. For all employees, you might want to send something more team building. How about a T-shirt with motivating theme (We’ve Got This!) for everyone to wear to the next Zoom staff meeting. If you’d like help coming up with more ideas to motivate your team, give us a call.

We’re Here To Help

Gossett Marketing is here to help you mother your business through this challenging time with ideas to build and encourage brand loyalty now and post-pandemic. We can help you build team spirit, display excellent customer care and set a positive example that can live long beyond any pandemic. Give us a call and let’s make something wonderful happen together. Let’s mother a new future into being.

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